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"Your entire team is first rate and I'm very fortunate to have established a relationship with this company. I look forward to
continued business and know that you have a advocate for MEBS from this day forward!"
Program Manager(Kuwait & Afghanistan) - IPNS
"MEBS Team has clearly worked extremely hard on our behalf and delivered a first rate service;
they have achieved such a great entry standard for us."
Lockheed Martin - Sr. Flying Instructor
service that out performs other providers of similar services throughout the region."
R. King - Program Manager
"MEBS exceeds every expectation. They have gone above and beyond to deliver a quality
"We sincerely appreciate the work MEBS is doing for us. The support is excellent."
CGI - Senior Analyst
"Thank you for all the professional and excellent service that is provided by your staff.
Systems Support Engineer, Telecommunications Systems Inc.
I am overjoyed that MEBS has made this such a wonderful experience to live and work in Qatar."
"I am really surprised at the speed and level of service, it’s been great!"
Project Lead, SERCO Inc.
"MEBS has certainly made our time in Qatar a lot easier"
Scientific Research (SCIRES) - Program Manager
“[Our] team has been well pleased with their day-to-day assistance for a myriad of items while we operate OCONUS.”
Program Manager, Raytheon
“As Chief Operations Officer for ESP, I highly recommend MEBS as a service provider.”
Gary Livero, COO for Engineering Solutions & Products LLC.
"MEBS has outstanding customer service and accounting representatives that are truly dedicated
USCENTCOM - Site Manager
to providing the highest quality service to customers and their mission requirements
"...thanks for the outstanding support we get from MEBS"
Senior Material Handler - Lockheed Martin
" to meet our ever-changing fast-paced requirements, sometimes with very short notice."
Sr. Subcontracts Administrator - Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

MEBS’ presence throughout the Middle East positions us to be an industry leader in providing local logistical and life support services to companies pursuing interests or actively operating in a region that contains some of the world’s largest oil and gas reserves. MEBS specializes in providing project support in addressing the oil and gas industry-specific local Government regulations that vary from other standard business activities.

We accomplish this with the following:

As expats with decades of collective international work experience, our operational management team affords MEBS a distinct advantage with our ability to understand and anticipate our Clients’ requirements from an international standard

As expats who have lived abroad in several different cultures to include the Middles East for over a combined 25 years we recognize the paramount importance of having strong local support and knowledge to successful execution. Our team of local advisors and government relation officers are second to none in navigating the constantly changing labyrinth of business, immigration and labor laws as well as working with local authorities. Their job is to ensure that our partner companies and their personnel remain compliant with all local laws. Even more importantly should your personnel meet with an accident our team serves as the first responders to ensure your personnel receive the proper care. If your personnel find themselves accused of breaking the law or offending others our team serves as the first wall of defense to protect your personnel in the case of misunderstandings or wrongful accusations.

MEBS is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified. We are committed to high-quality customer service standards and ensuring business continuity through excellence in service execution using established, systems-oriented, and adaptive Quality Management. Our corporate culture fosters shared employee responsibility for continual improvement, increased efficiency, and systems thinking. The pillars of our Quality Management System are:
 Defined, industry-standard best practices
 Effective, efficient, reliable and documented processes
 Qualified and well-trained staff
 Strong information sharing and open communication
 Continuous Improvement

Many companies require assistance across several countries. MEBS’ strong regional presence allows our Clients to consolidate their local support requirements under one company and one general service agreement. This means:
• All contracts can be executed under a unified accounting system.
• Streamlined contractual agreements executed with one legal department.
• Simplified vendor vetting and due diligence processes.

At the onboarding of each new client and client project MEBS establishes a communication plan. The plan defines main and secondary POC for both MEBS and our Clients covering financial approvals and payments, contracts, daily tasking, contract modifications, reporting and emergency. The plan also outlines the type and progression of communication suitable for each task. MEBS also sets up regularly scheduled reporting to track the progress project deliverables and milestones. As required MEBS also installs regularly scheduled conference calls to review project progress, preemptively identify and solve any potential issues, and explore ways to improve service quality. We are very forthcoming and preemptive with explaining local laws and regulations and how they affect our Clients projects. In addition to answering all questions, we issue early warning notices and newsletters informing our Clients of changes in local laws that may have potential effects on their contracts. Our philosophy is that the more our Clients know and understand these laws the better they can plan which in effect makes our job easier.

MEBS is ISO OHSAS 18001:2007 certified. MEBS, our Clients all place high importance on worker safety. Beyond being a humanitarian responsibility safe working conditions increase worker satisfaction and decrease potential liabilities costs associated with worker injury. MEBS provides information, instruction, training, supervision as well as a good equipment and working environment to reduce risk and ensure a healthy and safe working environment for all employees.

MEBS is ISO 14001:2015 certified – Environmental Management Systems. Protecting the environment is the responsibility of every staff in the organization. MEBS is committed to minimizing any adverse impact on the environment resulting from our business activities.

Due to our international management, we clearly understand the meaning and implications of “ethics” as determined by the internal community. Since 2012 MEBS has been TRACE Anti-Bribery Specialist Accredited (TASA). At MEBS all of our policies in relation to honest and fair business practices are devised from international standard. Upon being hired as well as annually, every employee is trained and evaluated on their knowledge of the MEBS Guide to Business Conduct and Ethics Awareness, Organizational Conflicts of Interest, Anti-Human Trafficking Policy and Procurement Integrity. This basic approach remains consistent wherever we operate.

MEBS operates on two levels of transparency: operational and financial. All offices utilize the same operational and accounting procedures. This standardization ensures that our clients receive trusted services which are fully compliant with international and best practice standards. Additionally our open book approach leads to reduced financial and operational risk to our clients.

Political turmoil and economic instability inevitably create dangerous conditions for expatriates. At MEBS, our clients’ safety and well-being is paramount, which is why we place high importance on security. Providing services that foster safe and secure environments for our clients and their employees is of critical importance to MEBS.