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"Your entire team is first rate and I'm very fortunate to have established a relationship with this company. I look forward to
continued business and know that you have a advocate for MEBS from this day forward!"
Program Manager(Kuwait & Afghanistan) - IPNS
"MEBS Team has clearly worked extremely hard on our behalf and delivered a first rate service;
they have achieved such a great entry standard for us."
Lockheed Martin - Sr. Flying Instructor
service that out performs other providers of similar services throughout the region."
R. King - Program Manager
"MEBS exceeds every expectation. They have gone above and beyond to deliver a quality
"We sincerely appreciate the work MEBS is doing for us. The support is excellent."
CGI - Senior Analyst
"Thank you for all the professional and excellent service that is provided by your staff.
Systems Support Engineer, Telecommunications Systems Inc.
I am overjoyed that MEBS has made this such a wonderful experience to live and work in Qatar."
"I am really surprised at the speed and level of service, it’s been great!"
Project Lead, SERCO Inc.
"MEBS has certainly made our time in Qatar a lot easier"
Scientific Research (SCIRES) - Program Manager
“[Our] team has been well pleased with their day-to-day assistance for a myriad of items while we operate OCONUS.”
Program Manager, Raytheon
“As Chief Operations Officer for ESP, I highly recommend MEBS as a service provider.”
Gary Livero, COO for Engineering Solutions & Products LLC.
"MEBS has outstanding customer service and accounting representatives that are truly dedicated
USCENTCOM - Site Manager
to providing the highest quality service to customers and their mission requirements
"...thanks for the outstanding support we get from MEBS"
Senior Material Handler - Lockheed Martin
" to meet our ever-changing fast-paced requirements, sometimes with very short notice."
Sr. Subcontracts Administrator - Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc.



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By remaining firm in the belief that professional and experienced employees are a company’s main asset, MEBS has been successful in providing our clients with the right candidate at the right time. Within our network we have a comprehensive database of diversified CVs. MEBS utilizes a structured and reliable process that enables us to meet client requirements for specialized projects while adhering to stringent deadlines to mobilize manpower quickly.

MEBS applies the highest-level ethical business practices in both the recruitment and management of our personnel. All employees are treated with respect and time is invested in cultivating an environment that emphasizes equality, safe and comfortable working and living conditions, clearly defined job expectations, incentive programs, and an open-door management policy.

MEBS has a long and successful record of providing laborers, linguists, administrators, and project management personnel throughout the world. We are able to source both skilled and unskilled staff for a variety of projects.

MEBS manpower services options include the following:

Customized Packages – MEBS manpower services range from standard recruitment services to full turnkey solutions including recruitment, relocation, housing, transportation, staff scheduling, payroll, and personnel management issues.

Streamlined and Effective Recruitment Process – MEBS’ recruitment program consists of three distinct phases: Sourcing, Prescreening (including background, passport, and police checks), and Interviewing. Our phased approach is designed to develop a pipeline of candidates that will typically allow us to present up to three candidates for vetting for each position. Our ability to present multiple candidates helps to mitigate delays in staff placement for the duration of the contract.

Housing – MEBS understands the fundamental importance of coming home to a comfortable environment at the end of the day. This understanding is integral for the retention of quality staff.

Transportation – Efficient, reliable, and safe transportation of personnel is vital to achieving project objectives. Great care is taken to ensure that the most efficient routes are selected, the highest safety standards are applied, and vehicles are kept in excellent condition.

Payroll Services – MEBS can provide a variety of payroll and accounting services in accordance with client requests and requirements. We specialize in ensuring the client’s compensation schedule meets all local labor law requirements to effectively minimize liability for the project.